About Us


The idea began following the birth of our third child Parker, after realizing a gap in the market for high-end luxury wooden toys for consumers looking for alternative gifting specifically targeted for special occasional gifting which is currently dominated by pottery and silverware, this determined us to create a line of heirloom luxury wooded toys that are elegant, simple and ooze quality.

As designers, artists and parents of three children we have many influences. It all started with our family at home brainstorming designs and ideas for the range which included inspiration from the children, favourite toys and films, shop walks, internet research and countless prototypes and testing across a wide range of materials and application methods.
Three years of development, testing and encouragement from friends and family, resulted in a range of designs being brought to life which we are really passionate about. We do feel the ? in plaay?, shows the diversity of the toys, they can either be played with or used as an ornamental piece in a child’s bedroom or office for those playful adults in us.


We eventually concluded on seven designs for the launch with a mix of traditional themed characters all with a luxury contemporary finish. We have developed and tested a number of prototypes across the range. We are 100% confident about the design and manufacturing consistency of each product. We have received final production samples, financed and developed the necessary tooling and we are ready for production.


All products are handmade from solid Oak, all have their own unique design aspects and bespoke features such as soft-touch fabrics, leather materials, calming and realistic colour tones with the iconic plaay? logo engraving. The solid Oak provides fantastic wood grain definition and product durability, with no loose parts to worry about.


• Integrity • Caring • Passionate • Creative • Fun • Respect